Elena Vladimirovna Dumacheva

Scientific degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences

Academic rank: Associate professor

Country: Russia

Major works:

1. Dumacheva E.V., Tkachenko I.K. The role of the optimization of mineral nutrition in forming of the feeding value of alfalfa // Kormoproizvodstvo. 2010. Issue 5. Pp.5-8.
2. Cherniavskih V.I., Dumacheva E.V. Seed production of perennial leguminous grasses at cultivation of in pure and mixed crops on calcareous soils of the Belgorod region // Kormoproizvodstvo. 2012. No. 2. Pp.34-37.
3. Dumacheva E.V., Cherniavskih V.I. Bioresource potential leguminous grasses on chalky outcrops and calcareous soils of European Russia. Belgorod: Publisher House “Belgorod”, 2014. 144 p.
4. Kotlyarova E.G., Cherniavskih, Dumacheva E.V. Ecologically Safe Architecture of Agrolandscape is basis for sustainable development // Sustainable Agriculture Research. 2013. V. 2, No 2. P. 11-24.
5. Dumacheva E.V., Cherniavskih V.I. Particular qualities of micro evolutionary adaptation processes in cenopopulations Medicago L. on carbonate forest-steppe soils in European Russia // Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research. –2013. V.10, no. 17. Pp. 1438-1442.
6. Rubcov S.A., Dumacheva E.V., Dumachev D.V., Mustafin I.G., Rubcova N.N., Zhdanov P.I. The ethical and scientific aspects of research of human embryonic material: the UK experience // Genes and cells. 2016. V. XI. No. 1 // http://genescells.ru/?post_type=article&p=1411; ISSN: 2313-1829.